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About BSC, Inc.

  • Equipment design- BSC’s core skills are rooted in equipment design with 30 years of experience in designing equipment from large papermill machinery to small bench top slot die coaters. Motion devices, pick and place automated equipment, as well as laser machining equipment both robotic and roll to roll. The staff at BSC is proficient in CAD systems using the latest versions of Autocad, and SolidWorks.

  • Equipment fabrication- BSC has a full machine shop with CNC and grinders to enable us to fabricate equipment up to XXinches and parts as small as XXinches with XX resolution. The shop has skilled full time machinists that can turn around a job the same day if needed. We also provide laser machining and photoetching services.

  • Process development- From paper and nonwoven to multilayer coating to printing and vacuum deposition; BSC has process engineers that can help you develop an initial process to your requirement. BSC process engineers have a 50 year combined experience in coating, printing and laminating in the paper, computer and semiconductor industries.

  • Process integration - Incorporating a new process into a multistep manufacturing operation is always a challenge. BSC’s mechanical and process engineers have experience in incorporating and moving entire production lines as well as small added steps to a multiplant manufacturing. BSC engineers will install the new equipment and certify the new process.

  • BSC specialized in the following R2R operations:

    • Printing-> Flexo, gravure, screen, inkjet
    • Coating-> Slot die, gravure, roll, knife over roll,
    • Micro embossing-> Intaglio, micro gravure
    • Die cutting
    • Laminating
    • Encapsulation
    • Surface treatment-> Corona, plasma, Ozone
    • Laser scoring and patterning-> Galvo, fiber, diode array….
    • Precision web control-> tension, registration, micro positioning, web guide
    • Replacement Slot Dies

    Industries that can benefit from BSC skills are:

    • Thin film solar-> OPV, QDSC, DSSC, Hybrid
    • Energy storage and capacitors-> Fuel cells, thin film batteries, ultra capacitors
    • Pharmaceutical applicators-> Time release patches, first aid,
    • Medical consumables-> Diabetic test patches, EKG electrode adhesives,
    • Sensors
    • Flexible electronics

    Examples of custom built machinery

    • Slot die loop coater-> coating nest
    • Production laminator-> KNB laminator, others
    • PV pilot coater-> Belectric
    • Laser scoring-> Galvo, fiber, diode array
    • Laser patterning -> Small holes, scribing, patterning

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